Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Data Architect roles inline w/ our SaaS/Data as an Asset strategy

Intuit products like Quicken/Mint.com, TurboTax, QuickBooks, Quicken Health, and IFS continue their move to the cloud as SaaS offerings. We’re looking to give our customers a 360 view of their data and the potential insights it can provide. As a Data Architect, you’ll have a chance to work on blue sky projects and have a large impact on creating large data warehouses and creating value through Data as an Asset (DaaA) offerings. Strong data modeling skills of very large, complex, transaction oriented data sets is required.

Data Architect Req. 69918 & 69919 | Grow Your Business | Menlo Park, CA

Intuit’s Grow Your Business provides a simple way for customers to set up, develop, and expand their presence on the web. This is done through innovative tools that make setting up your business online and growing your customer base simple, elegant, and collaborative. A data architect that understands sharding and/or NOSQL will be able to hit the ground running. We are looking for a passionate leader with experience in database design and/or data modeling. This person will work with valuable data collected from millions of small business customers, and help them to make better business decisions enabling them to continue to thrive. http://www.intuit.apply2jobs.com/ProfExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.showJob&RID=69918&CurrentPage=1

Data Architect Req. 70016 | Intuit Financial Services | Mountain View, CA

Intuit’s Financial Services Division (IFS) is focused on the delivery of innovative SaaS solutions as part a cohesive set of next generation offerings across web and mobile platforms designed to make financial management easy. We provide an extensive portfolio of on-demand applications includes consumer and business Internet banking, online lending, electronic bill payment and presentment, web site development and hosting, marketing programs designed to help increase online banking end user growth, and more. One of Intuit’s fastest growing businesses (IFS) is looking for a data architect to design massive scale data solutions from the ground up. Come lay out the complete data model that will service 1,800 banks/millions of end users, with millions of backend connections to financial institutions, which include connectivity through Mint.com. The architecture you design will enable financial institutions and their end users to glean a deep understanding of their entire financial picture, fitting into our data insight strategy. http://www.intuit.apply2jobs.com/ProfExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.showJob&RID=70016&CurrentPage=1